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Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) utilize satellite technology to provide independent geospatial positioning capabilities. The lineup of state-of-the-art surveying equipment offered by Duncan-Parnell in NC, SC, GA, VA and Washington, D.C. includes Trimble® GNSS systems that will help surveyors, survey techs and other field workforce members increase accuracy and make the most of limited resources. We’re also your headquarters for GNSS systems from Spectra Precision, part of the Nikon-Trimble family of companies. We’re a full-service Trimble dealer that offers complete support for every Trimble GNSS system we sell or rent.

Our Selection of Trimble and Spectra Precision GNSS Systems

We feature Trimble integrated GNSS products that offer the convenience of cable-free operation:

Trimble R10 – The revolutionary R10 will allow you to work more efficiently in even the most challenging environments. The smallest and lightest receiver in its class, the R10 features an ergonomic design for comfortable handling.

Trimble R8 – The R8 is a flexible, scalable GNSS solution that can adapt easily to your work environments. This configurable satellite receiver features advanced satellite tracking and intuitive software, along with the ability to add functionality whenever you need it.

Trimble R2 – The R2 offers a professional surveying solution for a broad spectrum of geospatial applications. The simplified setup and maximum ease of use will increase your productivity. The R2 also enables data collection with smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Other available Trimble GNSS systems include:

Trimble NetR9 – This GNSS receiver is designed to provide maximum flexibility and is well-suited for modular meeting surveyors’ modular configuration requirements. The availability of multiple data file formats enhances the NetR9’s versatility.

Spectra Precision SP80 – Spectra Precision GNSS systems such as the SP80 represent the next generation in GNSS surveying technology. The advanced design ensures reliable operation for field use. Key features include SMS and email alerts and anti-theft protection for enhanced security.

Spectra Precision SP60 – This Spectra Precision GNSS system offers extended scalability while providing accurate, reliable measurements, even in extreme operating conditions. It also includes built-in long-range Bluetooth and anti-theft technology.

We Provide Comprehensive Service for Trimble GNSS Systems

Duncan-Parnell offers certified training and technical support to help you maximize your return on your Trimble GNSS system investment. As an authorized Trimble dealer, we can also provide certified maintenance and repair service to keep your system in proper working condition.

Contact Duncan-Parnell to learn more about your Trimble GNSS system options in NC, SC, GA, VA and DC – and how they can enhance your spatial awareness. Duncan-Parnell: successful projects start here.