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Duncan-Parnell is your one-stop source for data collectors in NC, SC, GA, VA and Washington, D.C. that will add significant value to your surveying applications. As an authorized Trimble® dealer, we’re able to offer the latest Trimble data collectors, as well as products from Spectra Precision, a member of the Nikon-Trimble brand family.

There’s a Trimble or Spectra Precision Data Collector for Every Surveying Need

Our large assortment of Trimble data collectors and Spectra Precision data collectors ensures you will find the best equipment for your surveying applications. Our inventory includes:

Trimble TSC7 Controller - Big Screen. Giant Potential. A rugged, ergonomic controller that delivers the power and flexibility of Microsoft® Windows® 10 Pro and Trimble Access™ software on a seven-inch touch screen.

Spectra Precision Ranger 7 - Fourth generation Ranger data collector. Its all-new design is based on the experience gained over 18 years of demanding field operations.

Trimble TSC3 Controller – The Trimble TSC3 controller will streamline your workflows and simplify your daily data collection process. The fully integrated camera allows you to take clear digital photographs right from the control function. Wireless connectivity with the integrated GSM/GPRS modem enables real-time communication while you’re in the field.

Spectra Precision Ranger 3 – This advanced Spectra Precision data collector is equipped with user-friendly features such as a full alphanumeric keypad and an ultra-bright touch screen for simplified operation.

Trimble T10 Tablet - The advantages of fast computing power and a large screen to the field. Combined with integrated GNSS capabilities, it is a powerful, rugged device created for survey fieldwork and GIS data collection applications.

Trimble Tablet Rugged PC – Toughness and portability are the defining characteristics of the Tablet Rugged PC. Equipped with the Windows 7 Professional operating system, this Trimble data collector will also deliver the high performance you need to ensure fast, accurate data accumulation. The innovative dual technology display system eliminates sunlight glare for easy readability while you’re in the field.

Trimble Slate Controller – As easy to use as a smartphone, this all-in-one Trimble data collector gives you total mobile office functionality. You also get the flexibility to perform voice and surveying data collection, as well as the ability to transfer data to and from the cloud via Wi-Fi connectivity. Despite weighing only 13.5 ounces, the Slate Controller features a rugged construction that can withstand the rigors of the job site.

Trimble R7 GNSS System - A multi-channel, multi-frequency GNSS receiver and UHF radio combined in one exceptionally rugged unit.

Reliable Support for Your Data

Duncan-Parnell offers the best customer service and support in our industry. Our knowledgeable staff includes certified trainers and experienced tech support personnel. We can also provide expert maintenance and repair service for any Spectra Precision or Trimble data collector model.

Take a closer look at our selection of Trimble data collectors and Spectra Precision data collectors and contact us for a free quote today. Duncan-Parnell: successful projects start here.