Surveyors, survey techs, project managers and other field professionals need reliable geospatial equipment that offers the most efficient positioning technology, allowing them to make the most of limited resources. If you’re a surveying professional in NC, SC, GA, VA and Washington, D.C, you can trust Duncan-Parnell for all your surveying equipment needs. We offer a tremendous selection of state-of-the-art scanning equipment, surveying hardware and imaging equipment for sale and rent backed by the best service in the industry.

We’re a Proud Trimble® Surveying Equipment Dealer

As an authorized Trimble dealer, Duncan-Parnell can supply a high-quality Trimble product that will get the job done. Trimble produces the most efficient surveying equipment in the industry that will keep you and your team working at peak levels. Our Trimble surveying equipment lineup includes:

GNSS Systems – Trimble GNSS surveying hardware products include simple yet highly accurate handheld, flexible modular and convenient, cable-free integrated systems.

Mobile Scanning Solutions – Trimble mobile scanning equipment enables you to quickly collect an enormous amount of accurate data in the field.

Robotic Total Stations – Robotic total stations seamlessly combine scanning, imaging and surveying in one user-friendly piece of equipment.

Mechanical Total Stations – Compact, lightweight mechanical total stations provide an easy-to-use surveying equipment solution at an affordable price.

Data Collectors – Full-featured Trimble data collectors provide the advanced functionality and intuitive operation you need for high-precision surveying applications.

Laser Scanning – The line of Trimble laser scanning equipment includes 3D scanners capable of capturing high-quality scans at lightning speeds.

Construction Lasers – Trimble Spectra Precision lasers provide accurate leveling results in even the most challenging construction environments.

Imaging for Surveying – Trimble imaging equipment offers a fast, cost-effective way to manage assets such as buildings, highways, bridges and power stations.

Levels – In addition to our broad selection of Trimble surveying equipment, we offer Nikon automated and digital levels that provide sharp, detailed images.

Software for Surveying – You’ll find a large selection of software solutions that will allow you to effectively manage and control your surveying equipment.

Complete Support for All Our Surveying Hardware and Software Solutions

As a Duncan-Parnell surveying equipment customer, you get access to reliable support so you can get the most out of your products. This includes comprehensive training and technical support, as well as certified repair and maintenance service to keep your equipment in peak operating condition.

Contact us to learn more about our surveying equipment products and services and surveying equipment rental products in NC, SC, GA, VA, FL and DC today.