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Tripods are an essential component of many geospatial tasks, including surveying, construction work and research. They support a wide variety of tools, significantly influencing the accuracy of these processes. Tripods must be sturdy and durable to meet the needs of the task at hand.

Here at Duncan-Parnell, we carry a wide variety of tripods, from the lightweight and simple to the rugged and durable. Our tripods come from SECO and Crain, two trusted manufacturers of geospatial products.

  • SECO: From SECO, we have aluminum, all-hardwood and hardwood-and-fiberglass tripods with maximum extensions from 65 to 73 inches and weights from 4 to 16.2 pounds. These tripods work with 5/8x11 instruments and can have round or triangular heads. Most SECO tripods come with quick clamps, with some models sporting twist locks and leg straps as well. Colors include orange and black. Heavy-duty models are available to support mechanically driven total stations as well as survey-grade theodolites and levels.
  • Crain: Crain offers sturdy fiberglass tripods in a highly visible shade of yellow. They feature screw or quick clamps and can extend up to 71 inches, with a weight of 16 pounds. Connect devices to a 6-5/8-inch head and take advantage of a special retaining system that prevents leg kick-out on uneven or slippery surfaces. These tripods are excellent for robotic and servo-driven total stations and 3D laser scanners. They're also great for demanding environments due to their rugged build.

Tripods may seem simple, but setting them up takes time, and problems with stability can spell trouble for your expensive equipment. Our products come from reliable manufacturers that can help you boost your operation's productivity and keep your gear safe. Each tripod has something special to offer, and our staff of experts can help you find the right one for your applications. Successful projects start here, at Duncan-Parnell. Check out our product offerings or reach out to a representative for assistance.