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Prism Poles

A prism pole is an essential component in any surveyor's arsenal. It allows for fast and accurate measurement of elevations and grades with the help of a sight level. These devices come in several different materials and heights and are compatible with a wide range of other survey tools, such as total stations, laser levels, transit levels and theodolites.

Our prism poles come from SECO, one of the leading manufacturers of surveying equipment. With SECO products, we're able to offer high-quality prism poles that will help you get the job done quickly and accurately.

These prism poles come in carbon fiber and powder-coated, silk-screened aluminum, both durable and lightweight materials. All options aside from the bipod model come with SECO's twistlock-with-vial (TLV) mechanism with 40-minute vials built-in. Our prism poles can reach between 6 and 12 feet in height, and they feature easy-to-read graduations. Many designs use red and white stripes for visibility and utilize soft rubber knobs for easy control, even with gloves.


The bipod model is unique in that it offers an incredibly quick setup by eliminating the need for lifting and threading. SECO came up with the idea for this model in the first place, and they've been creating high-quality bipods ever since.


To get the most from your prism poles, you'll need to swap points out from time to time. We carry several removal points, some made of aluminum and some of steel, that are lightweight and easy to replace as needed.

Why Duncan-Parnell?

Successful projects start here, at Duncan-Parnell, where we carry a commitment to quality. We work with the cream of the crop exclusively, which is why our prism poles come from an industry leader. We're proud to offer SECO's high-performance, user-friendly prism poles along with exceptional customer service and assistance from our team of geospatial experts.

Take a look at our prism pole selection or reach out today for more information.