Leveling Rods

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Leveling Rods

In geospatial applications, accuracy is paramount, so the tools used need to be reliable. Leveling rods, also called level rods or grade rods, will allow you to measure variations in elevation. Many surveyors use these rods in conjunction with observing instruments, as they're often a critical component for collecting precise information.

We carry an array of leveling rods for different applications from trusted manufacturers like Crain and Sokkia. Our leveling rods are available in oval and rectangle shapes with extending designs that reach up to 25 feet. They're made of fiberglass, which offers a lightweight build with exceptional strength and rigidity. The fiberglass construction makes these rods non-conductive, corrosion-resistant and waterproof too, so you can expect them to last for a long time with easy readability.

With telescoping sections, these level rods shrink down into portable sizes, and many come with convenient carrying cases, so you can stay organized and bring them along wherever the job takes you. Most rods have female adapters at the top for easy compatibility.

In addition to the leveling rods themselves, we also carry several accessories to help you make the most of your measurements. These accessories include a double-male adapter to link up to specific tools, a rod level to ensure perfect perpendicular arrangements with round or rectangular rods and a prism mounting adapter kit to link your rod with a standard survey prism.

The Duncan-Parnell Advantage

Here at Duncan-Parnell, we understand the value of trustworthy materials. To help you in your geospatial measuring goals, we've worked with industry-leading brands to provide quality leveling rods complete with design features that offer convenience and compatibility. For more information about our products or assistance finding the right one, check out our individual product pages or reach out to a representative today. Remember, successful projects start here.