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Get the field and level book supplies you need for a productive day on the job.

As a surveying professional, you take numerous notes and compile crucial documentation in the field. From recording topographical data to noting building locations and measurements to documenting boundaries, surveyors need durable, versatile books to keep a variety of essential land records. Ensure that you can handle all the required documentation with field and level books designed specifically for your industry.

Our product offerings provide several practical benefits for the entire survey process, including:

  • Reliable durability: Water-resistant with sturdy binding and a heavy-duty cover and pages, these field books can go with you into any field or weather conditions so you can maintain the necessary documentation.
  • Functional design: Combining durable construction with high-visibility white ledger paper, each book offers useful features such as ruled grid sheets, curve tables and vertical columns. For field notes, sketches or observations, get these books for reliable documentation.
  • High capacity: The surveyor's field and level books we have available offer maximum archival capacity so you can record notes and reference past documentation for the long term.

Do you need replacement sheets for a binder? We also have level book filler sheets available for additional notes and records. If you need other products for your surveying tasks, we offer additional supplies as well, such as inverted survey marking paint.

Get Reliable and Accurate Documentation With Field and Level Books

At Duncan-Parnell, we've been a trusted supplier for surveyors, architects and suppliers since 1946. We have the supplies you need for safe, efficient and convenient surveying work. To ensure that you have the information you need for each project, explore our offerings for field and level books and find what works best for you.

Let us equip you for your job so you can get projects done easily while optimizing accuracy and efficiency. To learn more about our offerings, contact us today.