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Bags and Cases

Transporting small tools and equipment on your job site requires quality bags and cases to carry your resources efficiently. Depending on your industry, you may need heavy-duty bags with reinforced bottoms, deep compartments or external pockets to make your tools more accessible. At Duncan-Parnell, we understand that our clients belong to a wide variety of industries, and each job site is unique.

That's why we sell products and offer services for clients in geospatial, 3D printing, reprographic, signage and design software industries. We're focused on distributing the most valuable equipment for your company's success. Enjoy a higher return on investment and better workflow with our products and services.

The most simple tools can have a significant impact on your business's daily operations. Durable bags and cases are resources that will optimize the way your team works.

Bags and Cases From Duncan-Parnell

Our collection of SECO bags and cases includes heavy-duty bags and lightweight backpacks to meet your geospatial needs. Designed for use on the job site, these bright bags and cases have features to carry your tools and protect valuable equipment. Our selection includes:

  • SECO Stake Bags: These bags have a Rhinotek™ main compartment and come in two sizes. They're designed to carry 18-inch and 24-inch stakes. Stake bags are also applicable for carrying other materials like rebar. Each bag has brass grommet holes that serve as drains, outside pockets for other tools and an adjustable strap.
  • SECO Total Station Cases: SECO cases come in top load and front load variations. Both models have durable straps and sturdy, bright orange fabric for longevity and visibility. Foam padding and accessory compartments add comfort and accessibility to these heavy-duty cases.
  • SECO Total Station Backpack: SECO designed this lightweight backpack like a commercial-use day pack. The bag has several extra compartments and an external wrap for added security. The bottom of the bag is made from Rhinotek™ material, and the entire backpack weighs less than 2.5 lbs.
  • SECO Heavy Duty Lath Bag: This lightweight bag is built for durability. Bright orange material makes this bag visible in any setting. Rhinotek™ material surrounds the bottom and lower six inches of the bag. The main compartment is 36 in. deep.
  • SECO Prism Bags: The SECO Prism Bag comes in three variations: single, triple and jumbo. Single and triple models feature heavy padding to provide the maximum protection possible for your prisms. The jumbo model has the same padding, and it can carry prism targets and tribrachs.

Partner With a Dependable Supplier

Access to reliable tools and equipment is crucial to your business. The team at Duncan-Parnell believes that successful projects start here. When you choose us as your supplier, you have access to a diverse selection of resources that help you accomplish your company's goals on site. Our knowledgeable team also provides services for a variety of products and industries.

Take a closer look at our selection of bags and cases for more information about each model. You can also find a Duncan-Parnell location or contact us today! Call 800-849-7708 or fill out our contact form online.