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Choosing the material for your 3D printing project depends on a variety of factors, like the part's application, aesthetic and function. Duncan-Parnell offers material spools that cater to various requirements, such as durability, detail and flexibility. We carry spools of various MarkForged 3D printing materials, which are industry-class. Their products also have a reputation for quality, versatility and stability.

MarkForged 3D Printing Materials From Duncan-Parnell

Our selection includes spools of material for any application. Choose from any of our MarkForged spools, including options like:

  • Onyx filament: These spools are part of the Onyx line. Each spool combines nylon with a micro-carbon reinforcement that produces stiff, quality parts with high heat tolerances. Onyx filament creates engineering-grade parts that are stronger than those made from other materials.
  • Carbon fiber CFF: MarkForged's most advanced material is a composite carbon spool. This material has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is perfect for applications where you need the stiffest product possible. The spool is ultralight and compatible with a variety of uses.
  • Fiberglass CFF: This entry-level material is made of continuous fiber. Fiberglass reinforcements are stronger and stiffer than many other materials. This makes them perfect for applications that require sturdy, durable tools. Many professionals prefer this material to Onyx spools.
  • Nylon: Our white nylon spools have several benefits. Nylon has a high impact resistance and good resistance to abrasion. Paired with their high melting point, nylon parts are corrosion-resistant and tough with partial flexibility.
  • Kevlar: Using kevlar spools produces parts that are more flexible than any other fiber material in our inventory. In fact, kevlar parts are famously bendable. Kevlar also has the same toughness and lightweight qualities as other 3D printing materials.
  • Flame-retardant (FR) material: These materials are ideal for use in fixtures and industries where end-use parts are at an increased risk for combustion. High temperatures and even open flames are necessary elements of some workplaces' operations. Parts made from these spools are safer in those environments.
  • HTHS fiberglass: These spools are rated for high-temperature, high-strength applications. Between incredible impact resistance and heat deflection, this continuous fiber material is one of MarkForged's strongest 3D printing materials.

Choose Duncan-Parnell As Your MarkForged Supplier

At Duncan-Parnell, we know that having a reliable supplier for your 3D printing equipment is essential to your industry. Our team is proud to sell MarkForged products and provide stellar customer service to match. Our staff is full of experienced customer support representatives who have a comprehensive knowledge of our products and services. We're available to answer your questions and offer the support you need.

If you're looking for high-quality, versatile 3D printing material, choose Duncan-Parnell's MarkForged spools for your next project. Successful projects start here. Duncan-Parnell also offers products for geospatial, reprographic and signage industries. Our versatility is just one benefit of partnering with our team as your supplier for the equipment and materials you need.

Check out our selection of MarkForged materials today and take a closer look at the spools that best apply to your industry. You can also contact the team at Duncan-Parnell for more information about any of our products or services. Reach out to us by filling out our online contact form or giving us a call at 800-849-7708.