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Spectra Precision QM75 Laser Distance Meter

Item ID: QM75    


An easy-to-use, handheld laser distance meter.<.p>

The QM75 is the first in a new line of Quick Measure distance measurement tools and provides a bright laser spot that allows one person to safely measure hard-to-reach places such as high overheads, factory interiors or areas over bodies of water.

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Key Features:

  • Measure distance with ±1/16”-inch accuracy up to 230 feet away
  • Units of measure are selectable and include meters, millimeters and both fractional and decimal feet/inch units.
  • Display is illuminated for viewing in low light conditions
  • The QM75's housing is designed with specially engineered plastics, rubber overmold and electronics isolation for up to 5 feet of drop protection to withstand the typical abuse found on commercial and residential jobsites
  • The compact size of the Quick Measure makes it easy to store in a pocket