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Spectra Precision Laser UL633N

  • The Spectra Precision UL633N is the unique construction laser to enable the total control of all three axes (X/Y/Z). This is accomplished via simultaneous Radio and Infrared communication and also completely new “fan beam” technology for the Z axis. Benefiting from Spectra Precision’s know-how, the UL633N is appropriate for all applications delivering an easy, fast and accurate job.
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  • General Construction
    • Leveling concrete forms and footers
    • Single and Dual slope grading
    • Vertical alignment such as anchor bolt and form alignment
    • Steep slope grading
  • Interior - Layout of walls, Installation of drop ceilings

Key Features

  • Total Control of X/Y Axes
    • Unlimited Automatic Dual Axis Features (Simultaneously in the X- and Y- axes)
      • High Precision Axis Alignments
      • Simplified Grade Match: measures and displays the existing grade over unknown ground
    • All functions flexible from 10 to 170 degrees
  • Total Control of Z Axis
    • Automatic Detection of plumb beam
      • Spot Align: aligns the plumb beam to a desired position
      • Spot Match: displays the measured Z-axis grade value
      • SpotLok: locks automatically the plumb beam to the SF601 center point
  • Versatile Communication Links
    • Radio (2 radio channels)
    • IR
  • Built for Today’s Jobs
    • Fully automatic up to +/-25% grade on X/Y/Z axes
    • Withstands a 1 m (3 ft) drop onto concrete
    • Long operating range - 800 m (2.600 ft) diameter
    • Long operating radio range - 150 m (490 ft)
    • Intuitive keypad
    • Mask mode
    • Includes HL760 Digital Readout Receiver
    • Automatic temperature compensation
    • Electronic leveling vibration filter