Discovery Software

Feature based mechanical design software, allows for easy creation and modification of parts and assemblies, regardless on where they were originally created. SpaceClaim overcomes deficiencies and difficulties typical for history-based parametric software. It lets the user open and work freely with the designer's model, without having to understand the method used to construct it.

  • SpaceClaim is the fastest solid modeler available, letting you quickly process more ideas and interact directly with your customers
  • Only SpaceClaim has Pull, Move, Fill, and Combine, which is the easiest way to do 3D
  • Never experience rebuild errors or struggle with complicated constraints. Leave those problems with traditional CAD
  • Intuitive modeling capabilities for easy creation and modification of parts and assemblies
  • CAD-nuetral modifications allow interoperability between multiple CAD, CAM, analysis, and PLM systems
  • Maintains relationships between parts, assemblies, and drawings
  • component tree
  • 3D markup capabilities