Construction Signage

Construction signs are vital to the success of your construction business. When people are walking by a construction site, they are naturally curious. You can be sure that if you have branded construction signs on display, people will see them and start to recognize your business. Construction signs also serve important safety functions, and you can use construction signage for recruiting as well.

If you don’t have big, eye-catching, informative signs at your construction site, you are missing a huge opportunity.

OSHA Regulated Construction Safety Signs

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has some clear regulations when it comes to construction signage. Construction sites are responsible for any accidents that happen on them, so they need clear, color-coded signs to alert those walking on or near the site to potential danger. Red signs are “do not” signs. Yellow signs are cautionary, and blue signs show safety requirements. Green signs provide information.

The types of construction safety signage you may need include:

  • “Watch Your Step”
  • “Hard Hat Area”
  • “Danger: Demolition in Progress”
  • “Danger: Do Not Enter”

There are many other possible construction safety signs, of course, but what is critical is that these signs are easy to read and understand. If they are not, people could be injured, and the mere fact that you had a sign out will not protect you from liability. You need signs printed by a company you can trust to make them correctly.

On-The-Job Branded Signs & Fence Wrapping

Construction fence wrapping is probably the best way to advertise for your construction company. The fence around your site serves the important purpose of protecting the site and the people who walk by it, but it is often a huge unused marketing opportunity. It’s time to take advantage of it.

That kind of street-facing advertising space is incredibly valuable, and its all yours. Use it! Get the name of your company, a contact phone number and/or address and any other useful information plastered across that fence in big, beautiful, clear letters in an eye-catching design. Or, use the fence-wrap to show a rendering of the new development or finished project that will soon occupy the space. This way, anyone walking by who needs construction work done will know exactly who to call or what will be coming soon. If you're unable to utilize custom fence wrapping, the least you can do is post branded signs with your business information. High quality signs displaying your construction company's information help create brand recognition in passersby.

Duncan-Parnell Is Your One-Stop-Shop for Construction Signage

For great signage from the people who know and understand construction signage best, you want Duncan-Parnell. We have been around for over 70 years providing custom graphics and signage solutions to a wide variety of businesses, so we have the experience you require.

When you need construction site branding, Duncan-Parnell should be your first and only call. We are well-versed in creating all kinds of eye-catching signs, including OSHA safety signs and branded construction fence signs, and we can customize a solution for you to optimize your construction signage opportunities.

We are incredibly committed to customer service and can create beautiful, highly-visible signs with vibrant colors and captivating designs to get your message across powerfully and boldly. Contact us to learn more or to get a free quote on construction signage options.