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Rolatape 3 ft. Measuring Wheel With Stand

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All steel construction; 5-digit ratchet counter; calibrated wide rubber wheel; Safety-Glo color; lift-and-lock handle. Wheel stand keeps wheel upright when not in use. Records distance up to 100,000 ft. 3 ft. circumference. Includes stand. Warranty: 5 Years.

Standards of versatility and portability are set by the Rolatape 300 Series measuring wheels. Real estate, landscaping, municipal and construction measuring are handled with ease by the Rolatape 300. Professionals rely on the smooth rolling, accurate 300 Series to perform on pavement, dirt and rough surfaces. Transport and storage is easy with the unique, Insert-and-Lock handle.


Key Features:

  • All steel construction - Heavy-duty strength and durability
  • 5-digit ratchet counter - Measures up to 100,000 feet with convenient reset knob
  • Calibrated wide rubber wheel - Accurately measures a wide variety of terrain including paved and unpaved surfaces
  • Safety-Glo color - Easy to find in vehicle and on job site
  • Insert-and-Lock handle - Transport and storage is easy with the unique, Insert-and-Lock handle