PlotWave 750

Proven technology for productive black and white large format printing.

The Océ PlotWave 750 is a mid-volume black and white large format printer that can enable you to exceed the limits of your devices’ capabilities. The Océ PlotWave 750 system helps you meet the complex document challenges faced in a departmental print setting or a productive, central print room environment. Gain the edge for your business. Print more flexibly. Protect vital data more securely. Produce documents faster and manage print jobs more easily. Let the Océ PlotWave 750 system take your document capabilities to new heights.

Product Details

Key Features:

  • Neat Document Delivery - Get neatly collated and stacked documents of up to 100 E-size plots on the Top Delivery Tray thanks to air separation technology. Placed at a convenient working height that does not require extra floor space. If you need more stacking capacity, choose the optional Océ Double Decker Pro Stacker that holds up to 1,500 E-size sheets. Another very practical time saver is the Océ Folder option. Fully integrated with your printer, it generates crisply folded documents automatically freeing up extra time and desk space.
  • Unmatched Producitivity with Océ Radiant Fusing - The Océ PlotWave 750 has an instant start-up time and uses half the energy of comparable systems. The printer heats only when printing. When in idle mode, it is cold and uses almost no energy. That means you do not have to make a trade-off between speed and energy consumption.
  • Automated Roll Changing - Save time and effort. Simply open the drawer and place your new roll of paper on the loading station. You don’t need an extra table to hold your paper rolls, and you don’t have to balance awkward rolls of paper. Put the new roll on the sturdy holder and click it into place. Just press a button to feed the paper into the machine, or to cleanly cut a strip off the roll.
  • Reliable Performance - Take advantage of better print quality with high resolution Pico Printing at 600 x 1200 dpi. Drawings and renderings have crisp gray lines and smooth shading. Enjoy a long productive system lifetime thanks to the system’s robust and durable construction.
  • Closed Toner System - The toner system is completely closed and easy to reach. Toner stays inside the printer and off hands and clothes. This keeps the system running smoothly and cleanly since waste toner is captured and removed. Bottles are designed for easy handling and storage.
  • Maximized Output - Make sure you optimize your product configuration

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Financing Available

We offer multiple easy ways to pay including Low Payment Financing

We understand no two customers are the same, so we offer a range of different payment options for businesses in different industries and various stages of growth.
  • DP In-House Flexible Lease/Financing Agreements - Ask about our Duncan-Parnell flexible lease agreements, tailored for both our geospatial and wide-format equipment solutions.
    • Flex Lease (Geospatial): The flexibility to purchase the equipment at any time, cancel and return at any time, choose the right product for your needs, or upgrade after 24 months.
    • On-Site Print Solution (Wide and Small-Format): An all-inclusive agreement that offers flexibility allowing you to benefit from the latest engineering printing solutions without incremental financial commitment, as well as receiving printing consumables, parts and service.
  • Manufacturer Financing - At DP, we work with some trusted and world-renowned brands such as HP, Trimble, Canon, 3D Systems and more. In many cases, they offer financing terms for their customers that may include low APR’s and options for 6, 12, 24, or other terms.
  • DP Partner Financing - If credit or financing is a concern, ask about our other option to work with 3rd party partners.
Other Ways to Pay:
  • 30-Day Account
  • Cash/Check
  • Credit Card – All major credit cards accepted

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