Nikon AE-7 Autolevel

Item ID: NIKON-AE-7    


The Nikon AE-7 is compact and lightweight with water-resistant construction. It features a air-dampened automatic compensator. The horizontal tangent knobs allow for unlimited range and smooth, precise pointing.

Product Specs:

  • 30X magnification

What’s Included:

  • level, case, plumb bob

Optional Accessories:

  • tripod, prism, prism pole
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Nikon's easy-to-use Auto Level Series consists of three base models: AP-8, AC-2S, and AX-2S. All three models can attach to both flat- and spherical-head tripods. Horizontal tangent knobs offer unlimited range, smooth and precise pointing, angular measurement, and can be operated with either hand The eyepiece lens is detachable and can be used as an optional diagonal eyepiece prism for working in extremely close or steep quarters. Nikon optics allow in more light, creating brighter, sharper images-especially in low-light conditions. The AP-8 model auto level features a 28x high-magnification telescope, the AC-2S has a 24x telescope, and the AX-2S has a 20x telescope Each models offer minimum focusing down to 2 46 ft (0 75 m) for better performance in tight spots or on steep slopes.

Key Features:
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Water-resistant construction
  • Magnetic-dampened automatic compensator
  • Horizontal tangent knobs with unlimited range
  • Smooth, precise pointing and angular measurement
  • Detachable eyepiece lens