Multi-Jet Modeling (MJM) 3D Printers

Multi-Jet 3D printers are ideal for creating durable, high-definition functional prototypes, rapid tooling such as injection molds and casting patterns, and end-use parts right in your office. The printers are easy to use with fast print times and easy post-processing. Parts made are beautifully precise, with sharp edges and true-to-CAD fidelity.


ProJet® 2500 and 2500 Plus:

  • High quality 3D printing for an affordable price
  • White or black plastic parts for a wide-range of applications
  • Clear plastic or two kinds of elastomeric materials available on the 2500 Plus
  • Utilizes 3D Systems' EasyClean System - offering hands-off, chemical-free finishing without the need for waterlines or any special disposal considerations

ProJet® 3600 and 3600 Max:

  • High throughput for more productivity. The ProJet MJP 3600 and 3600 Max provide a larger build volume and exceptionally fast print speeds, so you can get more parts printed faster
  • High definition parts. When getting the finest details right matters, no other jetting printer beats the MJP 3600 series. The surface finish has the quality of an injection-molded part
  • Class VI capable for healthcare applications. With biocompatible materials that have passed USP Class VI testing, you can print parts for medical devices and more

ProJet® 5000:

  • Gain time and productivity in rapid manufacturing and prototyping with the largest capacity, high-definition professional 3D printer
  • Profit from the largest build volume available to maximize your printing capabilities. Feel free to tackle other projects while the ProJet 5000 is at work; it can operate unattended for over 80 hours

ProJet® 5500X:

  • Print the precise variety of engineered plastic or rubber you need, no assembly required
  • Produce the most detailed, most accurate multi-material parts with superior strength, stability and temperature performance
  • Features fast build speeds, ease of use, and hands-free post processing, all at lower cost of ownership
  • By Uses less material than similar printers, and a 5-year guarantee on the print head, the ProJet 5500X offers a lower TCO
  • Print stunning clear parts as well as parts in white, black and select shades of grey