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As your needs for more accurate and reliable geospatial referencing grows, so does the technology that offers it. Here at Duncan-Parnell, we trust the performance and reputation of Trimble®, a leader in spatial referencing and measurement systems. We carry a range of units designed for ease of use, durability and precision. You get real-time corrections for your measurement and positioning data, saving you time and effort over less powerful systems that require frequent corrections.

When you choose a Trimble VRS reference station, you can choose from great features including:

  • RTK-level precision (real-time kinematic)
  • Built-in redundancy for added confidence
  • Centimeter-accurate corrections for your field data
  • Panel display and wireless or fixed connectivity
  • Models available without the need for a base station

Your referencing needs are unique, which is why you need to choose the right VRS reference station for your application. If you are familiar with the various Trimble VRS Reference Stations we offer our customers in SC, NC, GA, VA and D.C., you can follow the links and request a quote online. If you’re not sure which model suits your geospatial referencing needs, you can contact us for more information online or by phone. One of our experienced staff will answer your questions and help you select the right Trimble VRS Reference Station.

Continued Customer Service

When we sell a customer a Trimble Reference Station, we aren’t just selling equipment. We continue to offer customer service long after you’ve put your device to work. With one of the most knowledgeable staff in the industry and frequent training sessions, our experts are up-to-date on the latest Trimble technology. We can guide you in the set-up, use and troubleshooting of your VRS Reference Station to help you get the most out of it and maximize the return on your investment.

Don’t turn to just any supplier for your reference station solutions. Choose the local leader that can give you the service and attention to detail your business deserves. Come and discover why more SC, NC, GA, VA and D.C. customers are turning to Duncan-Parnell for their Trimble VRS Reference Stations for easy and reliable geospatial positioning and referencing.

If your equipment requires warranty maintenance, we’ll even supply a loaner model, so you can avoid costly downtime. The advantages of trusting Duncan-Parnell for your Trimble VRS Reference Station needs are clear. We invite you to follow the links to the different models and learn more about the advanced features and specifications. Successful projects start here, so contact us today for more information.