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If you need a mobile mapping solution in NC, SC, GA, VA or D.C. that will make your job easier, Trimble® handheld computers with GNSS deserve careful consideration. Compact, lightweight Trimble data collectors with GNSS combine the functionality of a GNSS receiver with a host of user-friendly features and accessories to improve your workflows, enhance productivity and increase mapping accuracy. As an authorized Trimble dealer, Duncan-Parnell can provide the best Trimble mapping product for your needs and budget.

There’s a Trimble Handheld Computer With GNSS for Every Application

Our extensive assortment of Trimble data collectors with GNSS includes:

Juno 5 Series – The Juno 5 Series offers smartphone-like operation and compatibility with Trimble mapping and GIS software for an integrated data collection solution that will improve your field mapping performance. Integrated communications are also available for maintaining close contact between the office and field workforce.

Geo 7 Series – This advanced Trimble handheld series enables faster, more productive collection of mapping and GIS data. Equipped with cutting-edge Trimble Flightwave remote positioning technology, Geo 7 devices allow users to collect data simply by pointing and shooting at the desired target. They also deliver unsurpassed performance in even the most challenging or dangerous working conditions.

Yuma 2 – The Yuma 2 is a solidly constructed tablet specifically designed for field applications. The Yuma 2 features innovative transflective technology that significantly reduces sun glare and an intuitive multi-touch capacitive touch screen that simplifies operation. The Yuma 2 is the ideal choice for data collection applications involving fleet logistics, distributed asset management and more.

TDC100 – The TDC100 Series of handheld computers with GNSS eliminates the need to juggle multiple devices in the field. These rugged devices work just like a smartphone, but with enhanced GNSS capabilities. The specially designed daylight readable display ensures reliable performance in bright sunlight conditions.

Motion F5t Tablet PC – In addition to Trimble handheld computers with GNSS, Duncan-Parnell also offers the Motion F5t Tablet PC from Xplore Technologies. The Motion F5t features the flexibility of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile broadband connectivity along with optional integrated GPS.

Complete Service for Our Handheld Data Collection Solutions

As a valued Duncan-Parnell customer, you get access to a wide range of training and support services to maximize your user experience, as well as certified maintenance and repair service to keep your handheld unit running and prevent costly downtime.

Find out why we say successful projects start here. Contact us to learn more about all your handled data collection device options and get a free quote today.