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Trimble® GNSS receivers facilitate fast, professional data collection to improve your workflows from field to finish. You will experience increased productivity and be able to maximize all available field mapping resources. Duncan-Parnell, an authorized Trimble dealer serving NC, SC, GA, VA and D.C., is your one-stop source for Trimble GNSS/GPS receivers for sale and rent, along with prompt, reliable service and support.

Choose the Best Trimble GNSS Receiver for Your Mapping Applications

Our selection of Trimble GNSS receivers includes:

Trimble R1 – If pinpoint precision is essential in your mapping applications, the R1 will serve you and your company well. The compact, lightweight design makes it easy to take the R1 with you anywhere on your job sites, while the rugged construction ensures it will withstand the rigors of heavy use. The R1 is also compatible with various mobile devices and offers the capability for sharing among multiple devices such as smartphones and tablets. Bluetooth connectivity enables cable-free operation, enhancing the receiver’s flexibility.

Trimble R2 – This highly advanced Trimble GNSS receiver is the perfect choice for GIS professionals who need a reliable, user-friendly solution for locating and mapping underground infrastructure or conducting pipe inspections. Despite its sophisticated technology, the R2 is easy to use — the one-button startup and streamlined design simplify setup and configuration. The R2 can also work the way you work — you can easily mount it on a vehicle or pole, or attach it to a backpack so you can take it with you wherever you go.

We Have the Expertise to Get the Most out of Your Trimble GPS Receiver

Regardless of which Trimble mapping product you select, you can count on Duncan-Parnell to help you use it as efficiently as possible. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in choosing the right software to operate your receiver. We also offer regularly scheduled training sessions so you can gain valuable hands-on experience that will significantly reduce your learning curve. And as an authorized Trimble dealer, we can provide certified maintenance and repair service to keep your receiver working properly and minimize unproductive downtime.

Contact Us to Learn More About Trimble GNSS Receivers

If you need to improve the mapping performance of your AEC company in NC, SC, GA, VA or DC, contact Duncan-Parnell to learn more about what Trimble GNSS receivers have to offer. We’ll also be happy to provide a free quote. Learn how successful projects start here today.