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Keson Road Runner Metal Professional Measuring Wheel

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Starting at $124.99

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Rugged 3/4" steel tubing and durable 3/8" rubber on the wheel. Counter has large numbers for easy reading. Folddown design easily reduces to 1/2 its size for storage and portability. Barrel clamp and handle clasp make storage a snap. 5 digit counter, up to 99,999 feet. Available in 4' and 3' circumference wheels. Warranty: 6 years.

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Simplicity and durability were two principles that guided Keson's design of the Metal Professional Wheel. The result is a wheel that rolls easily over the most difficult terrain and can stand up to constant heavy use.

  • Innovative, simple centerline design, great balance.
  • Rugged 3/4” steel tubing—strongest frame in the field.
  • Time-tested & proven counters—huge numbers.
  • Only two moving parts (reset and ticker) mean fewer things can go wrong.
  • Superior counter protection and placement—5-digit counter. Up to 99,999 feet.
  • Compact fold-down—easily reduces to 1/2 its size for storage and portability. Storage is a snap.