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With modern technology and equipment, it is possible to collect huge amounts of geographic and geospatial data in a short time. The key to extracting the most value from your equipment and the data you collect is employing powerful and efficient data management. At Duncan-Parnell, successful projects start here — meaning we have the experience, knowledge and services in place to help you maximize your GIS data and manage it correctly.

Starting with powerful and reliable equipment, we add value to your business with advanced GIS Data Management Services including:

  • Preparing for data collection with tips on equipment set-up and use
  • Configuring equipment and software for reliable data acquisition
  • Deploying field data collection projects where they’re most effective
  • Migrating your collected data into your GIS for exploitation and analysis

With over 70 years of experience in the business, we know the kinds of problems you can encounter as you go about collecting and treating GIS data and information. Let us help you avoid these problems and create a custom solution that takes care of your geospatial and geographic positioning needs. We offer complete data collection solutions that bring the office into the field and the field into the office. That kind of real-time connectivity saves you time and money and lets you treat more data in less time.

Continuous Training to Stay Ahead

The GIS industry is changing fast, so you need to stay at the forefront. At Duncan-Parnell, we provide frequent Trimble® Certified Training to ensure you’re using your equipment and managing your data in the most efficient and up-to-date way possible. Our team of experts also follow frequent industry training sessions so we can give even better support to our GIS Data Management Services customers in SC, NC, GA, VA and D.C. Our goal isn’t just to supply you with equipment and software — it’s to be your full-service provider for all of your GIS-related needs.

You can find out more on our individual GIS Data Management Services here on our site. If you know which service you’re interested in, simply request a free quote with the link. If you have any questions or want more information, you can contact us online or by phone. Our expert team of professionals will get you the answers you need and help create a value-packed GIS Data system that exceeds your expectations. We look forward to helping improve your workflow from field to finish, so we hope to hear from you today!