Accurate geospatial and positioning can be extremely important. If you’re responsible for managing infrastructure assets, large-scale construction projects or other reference position-critical information, you need powerful and reliable equipment. Here at Duncan-Parnell, we have over 70 years in the business as a leading source for geospatial and positioning equipment, software and support. We like to remind our customers that successful projects start here, and we are ready to help you with your geospatial positioning and GIS (geographic information system) project today.

We’re proud of the advanced products and services we can offer our customers in SC, NC, GA, VA and D.C., including:

  • Trimble® GIS Services: We’ve put together a suite of GIS services to help avoid the common errors and problems with other GIS data collection and analysis systems. Our experience and training has allowed us to create one of the most advanced and comprehensive GIS services in the industry, covering fast and precise hardware installation and set-up, explanation and customization of related software, problem identification and troubleshooting, etc.
  • Trimble VRS Geospatial Positioning Services: For centimeter-level precision, you can choose our Trimble VRS, an advanced system designed with instant access to real-time kinematic (RTK) corrections. Popular for forestry, agriculture, transportation, construction, utilities and mapping applications, our VRS Geospatial Positioning Services combine unsurpassed accuracy with unmatched reliability. This cost-effective positioning service is professionally managed and secured for added confidence.

No two customers have exactly the same needs and expectations in terms of GIS and VRS geospatial positioning. To ensure you’re getting the right system and the right features, turn to our team of Duncan-Parnell professionals. We provide continuous training on the newest Trimble positioning equipment and use our vast experience to create value-added positioning services you won’t find elsewhere.

Customization for Your Business

All of our positioning services are powered by Trimble equipment and devices. We trust Trimble to give reliable and accurate data all with a low cost of ownership and durable construction. Combine this with our powerful data compilation and analysis and the result is one of the most powerful positioning services suites in the industry. You won’t find better value or customer support in SC, NC, GA, VA or D.C., so contact us today for your free quote or to obtain more information.

We look forward to helping you find the perfect positioning services for your business. Read more on our Trimble VRS Geospatial Positioning Services or Trimble GIS Services, and let us provide you with the accurate, reliable and high-performance system you’ve been looking for.