WEBINAR - TBC Power Hour: Tunneling Workflow

Online  |  Geospatial  |  05.27.2020

Tunnels are a feat of civil engineering. They connect our cities roads and metros, supply water to our homes, and provide safe passage for mining workers all around the world. To build these monumental structures, surveying is a crucial resource. For surveyors, working in tunnels brings a variety of challenges. Join us as we go underground in this TBC Power Hour to discuss survey techniques and workflows in the construction of NATM tunnels.

In this webinar attendees will learn about:

- Common types of tunnels and construction methods

- An overview of NATM (New Austrian Tunnel Method) tunnels and their survey challenges

- Field and office workflows for NATM tunnel surveyors:

- Design and data preparation using TBC Tunneling module

- Field tunnel survey and as-built workflow using Trimble Access and S-series total stations

- Data review and deliverable creation in TBC Tunneling module