Artec's best-selling and award-winning white-light 3D scanner is ideal for making a quick, textured and accurate 3D model. Perfect for all kinds of medium-sized objects - from a motorcycle exhaust system and human body parts to furniture. Eva is the leading handheld scanner because it is light, fast and versatile and can even capture objects with black and shiny surfaces.

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Eva is ideal for rapid prototyping, quality control, customization and the aerospace and automotive industries. Safe and portable, the Eva requires no targets or calibration because it reads both the geometry and color of the object, allowing for easy point-and-shoot scanning.


  • High 0.5 mm 3D resolution allows you to scan in high resolution color
  • 1.3 Mpx texture resolution
  • Fast capturing speed of 16 fps able to capture and process up to two million points per second
  • Accuracy up to 0.1 mm
  • Can capture object sizes starting at 10 cm
  • Target-free tracking - hybrid geometry and color based
  • 3D reconstruction rate = 16 FPS
  • Output formats = STL, OBJ, PLY, BTX and other popular formats
  • Scanner weight = 0.9 kg
  • Colors = 24 bpp
  • Light source = flash bulb
  • Working distance = 0.4 - 1 m
  • Linear field of view (H x W) at closest range = 214 x 148 mm
  • Linear field of view (H x W) at furthest range = 536 x 371 mm
  • Angular field of view, H x W = 30 x 21°
  • Exposure rate = 0.0002 sec
  • Has multi-core processing
  • Weight = 2 lbs
  • Dimensions, H x D x W = 262 x 158 x 64 mm
  • Power consumption = 12V, 48W
  • Interface = 1 x USB 2.0, USB 3.0 compatible
  • Processing capacity = 40 mln triangles/ 1 GB RAM

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