CADLearning delivers the best Autodesk learning content available in a highly searchable and personalized learning platform. An Autodesk Authorized Publisher, CADLearning focuses exclusively on creating courses with engaging, concise lessons covering over 50 of the most popular Autodesk titles to align with the Autodesk Industry Collections. Our atomized learning modules allow you to get the exact answers you need when and where you need them. Learn a new application, refresh your expertise on a topic or concept, hone your skills and maximize your productivity at any level. CADLearning provides endless opportunities for you to meet your professional goals.

What’s included?

  • Unlimited Access to the full CADLearning Library of 50+ Autodesk product titles and more than 40,000 video lessons
  • Automatic access to new and updated titles and content as published during your subscription period
  • Ability to create video playlists for quick access
  • Skills and knowledge assessments to help you identify and close knowledge gaps—CADLearning Assessments
    automatically build an individualized learning plan just for you, based on your specific needs
  • Exercise files for hands-on practice
  • The CADLearning Plugin—An in-application performance support tool for point of need help
  • Autodesk Certification Preparation Courses—Our certification preparation materials address every Autodesk learning
    objective to prepare you for the Autodesk Certified Professional Exams

CADLearning can be used for:

  • Just-in-time learning to maximize your productivity
  • Self-help support
  • Self-paced learning
  • Dynamic learning paths
  • Refresher training
  • Onboarding a new hire
  • Reinforcing instructor-led training
  • Learning new Autodesk applications and adding new skills

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