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Take the frustration and challenges out of the closeout process and complete your projects faster with CloseOut Docs.

Ditch messy Outlook and Excel methods and complement project management software with CloseOut Docs. CloseOut Docs simplifies the closeout process for general contractors, facilities managers or project managers. This solution makes getting what you need from subs easier with automated document requests and email reminders, a straightforward progress tracker so you know where your closeout process stands and an uncomplicated portal that you'll actually want to use.

Why CloseOut Docs?

The closeout stage of a construction project is the best of times and sometimes the worst of times. This is the point when the job is almost complete and payment should be coming soon. However, this is also when the project's momentum usually hits a wall. Administrative work, coordination and tracking are all necessary for a successful hand-off with the client, but require tedious labor, constant outreach and consistent organization from your team. These are the last things you want to deal with as you eagerly try to wrap up a successful project.

At Duncan-Parnell, we have a solution to significantly improve this process for you. Whether you're an owner, a general contractor or a facilities manager, our CloseOut Docs solution will save you time, money and a lot of headache.

With our construction closeout system you can eliminate:

  • Updating spreadsheets to track subs
  • Cumbersome email follow-ups to subs for owed items
  • Manual reporting of contractor progress
  • The varied mediums and file types that get aggregated into the closeout package
  • Disorganized deliverables that go to the building owner and are used daily by the facilities manager

Start the Closeout Process on Day 1 with CloseOut Docs

It's significantly better to start the closeout project in the beginning of a project than waiting until the end. However, it doesn't always feel efficient to hit the pause button for administrative tasks like collecting the documents you'll need from subs. Our CloseOut Docs solution makes it easy to start your project's closeout process as soon as your first sub completes their work. With our easy to use solution you can keep track of what you need from who and see at a glance what's been received and what's still needed.

How CloseOut Docs Helps:

Our CloseOut Docs solution provides an easy way to closeout your project. Subs receive an email request for documents to submit with a secured link where they can upload files. No log-in is required, providing subs with a straightforward process they can complete in minutes. Color-coding clearly shows which documents have been submitted and which are still needed. Automated email reminders can be set up right from the system, so you don't have to remember who needs to be followed up with. This uncomplicated process eliminates any tedious or manual efforts from your team so you can wrap up projects faster and save yourself a lot of headaches. Other benefits of our CloseOut Docs solution include:

  • Centralized documentation of all files (3D scans, BIM files, drawings, owner's manuals, as-builts, warranties & more)
  • An intelligent digital relationship between all related files
  • The ability to import into other facility management software
  • Building owners receive a superior turnover package and deliverable which can memorialize the building for day-to-day operations
Everyone benefits when the closeout process is easy and comprehensive. Our CloseOut Docs solution will be appreciated across teams on your project:
For General Contractors and Project Managers, project reports are sent right to your inbox.
For Subcontractors, the process is simple and requires no training.
For the Client or Owner, they receive a superior deliverable.

With CloseOut Docs you provide a better closeout deliverable, get paid faster and earn the customer's future business!

If you're ready to streamline your next closeout job, call us today at (800) 849-7708 or reach out to us here.