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Crain Tri-Max Standard Quick Clamp Tripod

Item ID: 90550    


Crain Tri-Max 90550 tripods are certified to meet or exceed ISO Certification standards – the only tripods on the market to do so. They feature advanced fiberglass composite, premium materials and rugged construction.


Key Features:

  • The Tri-Max® 90550 Tripod by Crain is the only surveying-grade tripod with certified accuracy - highly recommended for all servo-driven and robotic total stations and 3-D laser scanners.
  • Meets ISO 12858-2-H standard for the stability of instrument tripods. The revolutionary design of this tripod series and Crain’s commitment to quality mean this tripod will meet the ISO standard right out of the box, and after years of field use.
  • 6-5/8 inch head with large center hole (2-5/8 inch) to facilitate an easy set-up over a point.
  • A retaining system - which prevents leg kick out and accidental falls on slick surfaces - is stored on the inside of the leg and can be left in place when the tripod is not in use.
  • The Tri-Max features an advanced foot design. The large ‘footbed’ is there to facilitate solid planting for stability. The shape and size of the foot are designed to allow for a solid placement on any terrain. The foot is equipped with a replaceable point and a retention loop for use with a safety strap.
  • Positive locking quick clamp. All Tri-Max tripods feature locks that can be reversed to the inside of the leg if desired. The Tri-Max is available in a dual clamp model which uses both style clamps on each leg for added security.
  • The Tri-Max tripod will hold a maximum of 65 lb (30 kg), expands to 71 inches (180.34 cm), and contracts to 44 inches (111.76 cm).
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Weighs 16 lb (7.26 kg)