ColorJet (CJP) 3D Printers

ColorJet printers create stunningly beautiful, full-color parts like no other 3D printers can. With some of the fastest print speeds available, you can prototypes in hours at a very low cost per part. Generous build volumes coupled with the unique ability to nest parts horizontally and vertically make these printers perfect for high-throughput applications.


ProJet® 260C:

  • Offers the same ease-of-use as the 160 series while adding basic 3-channel CMY color 3D printing to the realization of your design
  • Prints with minimum features down to 0.4mm (0.016 inches) and is an ideal 3D printer for businesses, schools and industrial design departments

ProJet® 360:

  • Expands the dimension and heightens the precision of our most affordable lines of professional automated 3D printers, producing monochrome white prints with minimum features down to 0.15mm (0.006 inches)
  • Net build area of 203 x 254 x 203mm (8 x 10 x 8 inches)
  • Ideal for product design labs, architectural modeling, medium-sized models and prototypes

ProJet® 460Plus:

  • Enhance the reality of your prints with compelling full color
  • add quality without complication with this intuitive, full-color machine

ProJet® 660Pro:

  • Enjoy true ease-of-use with astounding full-color results in hours
  • Highly accurate, and high resolution, the ProJet 660Pro prints at fast speeds for results in hours, not days
  • Full color CMYK printing in a single build, without having to switch palettes
  • Perfect for architecture, consumer product design, healthcare, educational models, crystallography, medical teaching models

ProJet® 860Pro:

  • Our most productive professional 4-channel CMYK full-color 3D printer, featuring out largest build volume and highest resolution
  • Ideal for large architectural models, industrial molds and castings, single-piece scale models, sculptures
  • Maximum build size of 20 x 15 x 9 inches, with 5 print heads for vibrant, realistic color printing
  • Print speeds of 0.2 - 0.6 inches per hour
  • Non-hazardous, eco-friendly materials, with zero liquid waste, this color jet printer requires only minimal training and expertise to generate a consistent, satisfying output every time