What Are the Benefits of Cost Recovery Software?


In the past, understanding and tracking costs was a manual job. Often, users would track their own costs from their workstations and the information would be compiled at month's end. But this is a time-waster and it means many costs are overlooked or ignored and the summary is often far from reality.

Modern cost recovery software is installed at the wide format print equipment itself. Since this is the common point for all of your print users, 100% of your print-related cost information can be captured. Cost recovery software allows you to create custom tracking fields and track all print jobs from network and remote sources. Cost recovery software also allows you to integrate billing so your employees can quickly and accurately track their print volume and time costs for different customers.

What Are the Benefits of Using Cost Recovery Software?

Choosing our cost recovery software means you can gather 100% of your print-related costs effortlessly. You’ll never miss a print job and can automate tracking and billing according to user and/or customer. Cost recovery software also allows you to:

  • Select which devices to track and easily add new ones
  • Extract print statistics for all of your wide format print equipment
  • See real-time data and information on your print jobs
  • Allow remote and network access with secure controls
  • Combine a variety of print devices under one common interface
  • Create reliable and streamlined billing for full cost recovery

There’s a reason why more and more of our customers are turning to our team here at Duncan-Parnell and taking advantage of our advanced cost recovery software. Come and find out how our cost recovery solutions can benefit your business. You can contact us today and request a quote or get more information on the great advantages of adding cost recovery software to your wide format printing installation.

"Successful Projects Start Here," so let's work together to improve the way you track and recover your print costs.

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