The Value of 3D Scanning


Let our Trimble certified 3D Scanning Specialist, Eric Fines train you and your team

3D Scanning is revolutionizing the AEC industry. While 3D Scanning has been around for a number of years the cost have caused many to overlook the value in the data that is captured. Many in the industry are sending employees to a job site to field measure by hand. While this can be even more costly, it is still seen as a valuable tool for a couple of reasons. First, the designer or engineer can visually see firsthand what existing conditions they are working with in their project and secondly have a visual of what the layout of an existing structure looks like as they take field measurements and hand draw the structure. However, the issue with that is that we are all human. Mistakes can and will be made while hand measuring any space. Meaning that another trip and more time will be spent re-measuring instead of working on your CAD or Revit project. This is where 3D Scanning can become an invaluable tool. Not only will you have a 3D Point Cloud that will provide a visual of the entire existing structure, but you will also have real world measurements all at your fingertips. Whether you use a static scanner such as the Trimble TX8 or a mobile scanner such as the GeoSlam Zeb Revo, the data collected will be invaluable for the life of the project and beyond.

If you are interested in learning more about 3D scanning contact Duncan-Parnell today and let us tell you how to add value to your projects and save you time. Let our Trimble certified 3D Scanning Specialist, Eric Fines train you and your team with a rental or purchase of a 3D Scanner. During this training you will learn how to use the 3D Scanner and best practices for station setup and placement to capture all areas important of the existing structure. You will also learn how to register and clean-up your point cloud data in Trimble Realworks software. You will also learn some of the valuable tools the software has to offer as well as how to export to most 3rd party software including Autodesk products.

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