SX10 Scan Data In Trimble Business Center


Quick and Easy Scan Data Processing From the Trimble SX10

Processing scan data from the Trimble SX10 is a quick and easy process. During a training session we scanned an intersection on one of the busiest highways in suburban Atlanta, GA Hwy. 20. We captured 4 coarse scans, 1 of the road leading to the intersection and 3 at the intersection. Here is a screenshot of the data before editing in Trimble Business Center (TBC), note the artifacts from scan points on vehicles in the travel lanes:

Because the SX10 is a true total station as well as a scanner the point clouds come into TBC already in project coordinates, no registration is necessary. Using automatic ground extraction and classification in TBC the intersection was cleaned up in less than 15 minutes. Below is a screenshot of the intersection after editing:

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