​Survey Pro/SP80/SP60 Compatibility


Survey Pro/SP80/SP60 Compatibility

Survey Pro Version 5.5.2 and older are not compatible with GPS Week Rollover receiver firmware versions on shipping instruments. Customers who currently have Survey Pro version 5.5.2 and either an SP80 or SP60 on the 3.38 or higher must download and install version 5.6.4 in order to be compatible with the GPS week rollover firmware. All customers with Survey Pro v5.4 and newer are licensed for version 5.6.4 and do not need a current software warranty. This version can be downloaded using the following link; https://www.trimble.com/globalTRLTAB.asp?nav=Collection-67417

The current version of Survey Pro is 6.5.1 has many performance improvements over previous versions. Contact your Duncan-Parnell Sales Representative to reinstate your software warranty if you would like to take advantage of these features and benefits.

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