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Duncan-Parnell Assists Nyfeler Associates in the U.S. Capitol Dome Restoration Project

Meet George Nyfeler: Teenage surveyor since 1978 with his father to now being a successful president of his own surveying company 40 years later. Nyfeler has dipped his toes into all aspects of the surveying industry over the years and understands all the obstacles and hiccups that could come along the way. In 2010, Nyfeler Associates officially opened in Richmond, Virginia with only five employees. We got a chance to speak with George on how Duncan-Parnell has played a role throughout his career and with one of his recent projects - the U.S. Capitol Dome.
George Nyfeler and Associates have been purchasing Trimble products through Duncan-Parnell for over 10 years. When purchasing equipment, three factors they look for are: Consistency, reliability and accuracy. George shares, "The accuracy we're getting out of Trimble products is mind-blowing."
Nyfeler Associates was security-cleared for survey work they were already providing on the U.S. Capitol Dome restoration project when they received a call in 2014 requesting urgent assistance. The site superintendent became aware that a significant sized point cloud would be needed for the design of about 100 sections of catwalk to be installed in areas with high concentrations of infrastructure conflicts. They needed to make very precise drills to insert vertical beams without interrupting the dome itself. For those drills to be as precise as possible, a scanning job needed to be done to ensure accuracy based off the layout points made. That's when George Nyfeler turned to Duncan-Parnell for help.
"I want my money to go towards a company that I want to be successful. If it serves my friends, it makes me feel good. Duncan-Parnell feels like an extension of our company.” - George Nyfeler
So in 2014 it was no different; George used the Trimble TX5 as he explained, it was not only extremely accurate but "one of the only scanner models small enough to be hand carried into cramp spaces between iron support structures all through our work area."
In addition, the architect of the Capitol did not want welding or steel cutting to take place inside the historic dome - meaning it was critical that these newly constructed catwalk sections would need to fit for the first time. Grant Stickler, Duncan-Parnell sales representative, rented the Trimble TX5 to George through our rental service program, so George and team could get the job done without the full commitment of purchasing. 118 laser scans later, their 5-billion node, 63GB drawing was ready for design personnel.
Duncan-Parnell takes pride in its reliability and loyalty. We understand that every customers' needs are unique and personal to them and their goals. With that, our team is more than willing to accommodate to find the perfect solution that will in turn, make our customers day-to-day work easy and efficient. George elaborates, "This is how high the trust factor is - if we ask about a new product or equipment, he [Grant Stickler] knows what's best for us. He'd rather us not buy a product from him at all than buy something that's not a good fit for the company."
Between robotic total stations, GPS receivers to countless tripods, Nyfeler Associates has placed their trust in Duncan-Parnell to guide them in the right direction. Nyfeler adds, "Grant is the face of Duncan- Parnell to us and is completely integrated into our business model. I have met others at Duncan-Parnell who also seem to have the same outlook on customer care as Grant. It's nice to know that Grant's business operating traits fits well into the Duncan-Parnell culture."

Trimble's X7 3D Scanner - Revolutionizing Workflows

When on the market for construction equipment, efficiency and productivity are two outcomes professionals are looking to achieve in order to improve their workflows. The release of Trimble's X7 scanner has revolutionized how industry professionals perceive data collection. With the X7, you get a dependable instrument backed by an industry-leading two-year warranty and comprehensive workflows to validate scan projects in the field. It's also a perfect fit for industrial survey/tank calibration, civil infrastructure, general surveys, road interaction surveys, utilities, mining and historical documentation and renovation. The X7 also includes high performance cameras to create panoramic images that can be integrated within projects. This allows for the export of a fully registered, photo-colorized point cloud before even returning to the office. Contact your local sales rep for more information.

In-house Calibration

We take pride in ensuring that our staff is fully trained and knowledgeable of our products. Just like our Authorized Service Technician, James Byrd, who has recently received a certificate in S10 Alidade Service Repair Training. With this certification, James can effectively calibrate and repair SX10 units. What does this mean for our customers? We'll be able to provide clean calibrations in-house which allows for quick turnaround times. Contact our repair department to learn more.

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