Reverse Engineer With 3D Scanning


Manufacturing company uses the Artec Eva to reverse engineer a large part.

Reverse engineering is a critical part of many industries, like manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and even healthcare. Reverse engineering is very helpful when it comes to developing or reconstructing products and parts. Artec’s 3D scanners make reverse engineering easy and fast, capturing the needed information and preventing manufacturing holdups.

When an international construction machine spare parts manufacturer and distributor needed to create replacement parts for a construction machine they worried how it would be possible to accomplish. Their main issues were the lack of local power supply, the location (onsite in a construction yard) and the size of the part, which was very large.

The goal of the company, Assan ASP, was to replicate two parts of a construction machine for future use. Using the Artec Eva they were able to save weeks of tedious manual measuring and drawing. To overcome the challenge of performing the scan in a large manufacturing facility without a nearby power source, the Eva was used with the Artec battery pack

The battery pack for the Artec Eva made it easy for the technician to move freely around the large 3-meter part and scan everything. Despite the size, all scanning of the parts was completed in about an hour.

After the scanning was complete, post-processing using the Artec Studio software was done to compile the large amount of data that had been collected. To reverse engineer the parts, Geomagic Design X software was used to prepare models to be used for manufacturing.

In the end, the manufactured parts achieved the exact precision required and passed testing on a working construction machine. Assan ASP’s team was very happy that this process could be completed so quickly and accurately and have since purchased the software they used, the Artec Eva and the Space Spider to use on future work.

Does your company have a similar challenge? Contact our team to see if 3D scanning could be your solution.

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