Emily's New Home


by Habitat Charlotte - Published on Jun 11, 2015

It’s a frigid morning in February 2015 and Emily Givens, bundled up in layers of fleece and wool, is pounding nails as hard as anyone else on the crew. This is framing day. And beneath all the warm, protective clothes she carries another bundle. Eight months along in her pregnancy, Emily is helping to build the house where she will raise her soon-to-be delivered newborn and her rambunctious seven-year-old son who can hardly wait for his baby brother and the brand new bedroom he’s heard so much about.

Emily’s is a story of hard work and determination paired with the generous support of family-owned Duncan-Parnell—a relatively small business, perhaps, by uptown Charlotte standards—but one whose owners and employees have hearts as big as all of Charlotte.

Here’s a bit of that story... just two minutes of a months-long journey that will impact our delightful new homeowner and our friends at Duncan-Parnell for the rest of their lives.

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