Duncan-Parnell and Trimble give back to SAMSOG raffle


Here at Duncan Parnell, we believe that education is the future and when able, we want to contribute to organizations providing resources that are making a positive impact on not only the industry, but other people's lives. One of those organizations is SAMSEF. The SAMSOG Education Foundation, Inc. (SAMSEF) exists to provide financial and other types of support to land surveying students and land surveying education programs throughout the State of Georgia and to enhance and promote the profession of Land Surveying by educating students and the general public about the profession. The SAMSOG Education Foundation (SAMSEF) was established by The Surveying and Mapping Society of GA (SAMSOG) to provide a tax deductible mechanism for donations of money and other gifts to support education for the land surveying profession in GA. The Foundation strives to assist the land surveying industry by publicizing the profession of land surveying to students and others that may be interested in starting a land surveying career.

This year, Duncan-Parnell and Trimble will be donating $20,000 worth of equipment to SAMSEF's annual raffle.

See below for further details:

  1. All proceeds of our raffled donation benefit SAMSEF (Surveying and Mapping Society of GA Education Foundation, a 501c3 corp). https://www.samsog.org/mpage/SAMSEF-Home
  2. Raffle tickets will go on sale via SAMSOG’s web site; the upcoming SAMSOG Summer Meeting; and respective SAMSOG chapters/members.3
  3. Raffle ticket sales will run for 6 months, beginning with the Summer meeting (July 16-18, 2020) through Winter meeting (Jan 2021); with the drawing occurring last day of Winter meeting.

Interested? Click here to stay in the loop on all things SAMSEF and learn how you can participate!

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