Changing Symbology Of Updated Features


Quick Visualize Edits In The Field With TerraSync

Background: Many TerraSync users take data into the field for inspections or updates. They use the Map and Navigation screen to choose and navigate to the next features. In those cases, it is helpful to quickly see features that have already been visited or updated. Note: Existing data can only be placed on the handheld with a TerraSync Professional or CM license.

1. Open TerraSync. Flip to the Data Screen. Change New to Existing and choose the file you wish to open. Then click Open.

2. Switch to the Map screen where you will see all of the imported features on a map.

3. Click on Options>Filter ...

4. In the Filter By dialog, check the box next to Update Status. Leave New and Imported as Unfiltered. Change Updated to Filtered like below. Uncheck the box next to Features as we want to leave them entirely unfiltered except for the update status. Click OK.

5. To symbolize how filtered features will be displayed, next click on the Layers dropdown. Choose Layer Formatting ...

6. In that dialog, under Filtered Features, make the color source Layer Color and change the Color to something with a big contrast to the unfiltered features. We chose red here.

7. Click OK, and you should see something like this on your map:

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