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3D Print Solutions

Technology Symposium 2017


Date: September 28, 2017

Location: Nash Community College, Rocky Mount, NC • Pre-Registration, Walk-Ins Welcome

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We’re putting metal in the microwave

"In the long run, we will scale the costs down. You will have high school students designing things and ordering custom metal parts online. Those parts will be 10X lower cost than CNC parts, and simple to order. In the end, we will simplify manufacturing, and make hardware more about design. There will be people all over the world building value in hardware, just like they do in software today. And the world will be closer to ideal."

-Greg Mark of Markforged
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Case study: 3D printing helps drive ingenuity and ROI at Hyde Park Partners


Rapidly convert new design ideas into realistic, functional product prototypes to enable continuous innovation and better quality.

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Improve traditional processes and inspire new ideas with 3D printing


3D printing technology can improve traditional processes and inspire new ideas.

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