3D Scanning: The Next Wave of BIM


3D scanning is quickly becoming the next wave in the world of BIM. BIM technology has been around for a few years now and has streamlined the construction process. Now with the ability to take a 3D scanner out into a real world environment and scan existing or as-built conditions and turn them into a usable true to scale BIM model, the streamlined process is quickly becoming the fastest, most efficient and money saving project enhancer that has ever been developed.

So what is the process of 3D scanning today and what does it mean for the future of construction? 3D scanning today is used to scan existing and as-built conditions and provide the end user with a 3D point cloud that is true to scale and can be inserted into a 3D BIM Model. As we are currently seeing, this technology is rapidly becoming more refined and the point cloud can now be turned into a true to scale 3D model itself, giving Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and Owners real hands-on models to work with. The process of scanning itself is becoming more streamlined as well, with technology that allows onsite registration the process is now becoming even more time efficient which means more money back into the Owner’s pocket.

The future of BIM has never looked brighter and 3D scanning is part of the light that in the end will not only save time, but money as well and as we all know, a huge part of that process is the bottom line.

Eric Fines, Autodesk Application Engineer

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