Professional Grade 3D Printers

Are you looking for state-of-the-art professional grade 3D printers that can produce functional parts for end-use or testing applications? Look no further than Duncan-Parnell. Successful projects start here.

As a total solutions provider for AEC companies with more than 70 years of experience, we’re proud to offer an advanced line of professional grade 3D printers to our NC-SC-GA-VA-D.C. customer base. We also offer comprehensive service and support so you can get the most out of your equipment and maximize your return on investment.

Professional Grade 3D Printers From Leading Manufacturers

Duncan-Parnell has formed strategic alliances with 3D Systems and MarkedForge to provide best-in-class professional grade 3D printers for producing test parts and a wide assortment of end-use applications. Our offerings include 3D Systems ColorJet, Multi-Jet Modeling and ProJet units that give you access to numerous user-friendly features in one easy-to-use package.

We also carry MarkedForge Mark Two and Mark X 3D printers that deliver fast, high-strength printing on numerous types of materials. Mark Two is the only professional grade 3D printer that can go from CAD to end-use parts in a matter of hours. The Mark X represents a significant breakthrough in metal 3D printing by utilizing advanced technology that can deliver fully functioning metal parts overnight.

Experience the Many Benefits of Using Our Professional Grade 3D Printers

Integrating professional grade 3D printers into your design processes will help you create one-of-a-kind parts that will give your company a competitive edge in the marketplace. You’ll also enjoy more robust product development capabilities, resulting in faster turnaround times for all your end-use parts. In addition, you can improve communications with your customers and internal colleagues.

Fully Supported 3D Printing Solutions

Our unwavering commitment to providing first-class customer service sets Duncan-Parnell apart from our competitors. You always count on us for prompt, reliable telephone technical support and comprehensive maintenance and repair service to keep your professional grade 3D printers on the job and minimize unproductive downtime.

We also offer prototyping services. We’ve been meeting all the prototyping needs of companies throughout our NC-SC-GA-VA-D.C. operating territory since 2007.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Professional Grade 3D Printers Today

Learn more about the many ways in which professional grade 3D printers from Duncan-Parnell can revolutionize your printing applications and take your design capabilities to a higher level. Contact us for additional information about our products and services and to receive a no-obligation quote today.