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As of July 12, 2021 our Additive Manufacturing Solutions division has been acquired by TPM. Due to this recent announcement please visit TPM to learn more about additive solutions.

Looking to save space and still get top-quality 3D parts at high speed and with great dimensional accuracy? A MarkForged 3D Desktop Printer combines all of these features and more, representing one of the best desktop models available. MarkForged has put all of their knowledge and experience in 3D printing into their smaller desktop models.

Here at Duncan-Parnell, we are convinced that successful projects start here, which is why we carry the impressive lineup of MarkForged 3D Desktop printers. Start with the right 3D printer, and you can save time, energy and money, as well as avoid quality issues, high scrap and costly post-printing finishing.

Desktop 3D printing Options in the Southeast

With several convenient service locations across SC, NC, GA, VA and D.C., Duncan-Parnell is your local partner for all of your 3D printing needs. We have over 70 years of experience and are excited about the future of 3D printing. The MarkForged desktop models combine many impressive features and capabilities, including:

  • Revolutionary fiber-reinforced materials for added strength
  • The ability to produce parts with high-temperature stability
  • Tight tolerances and accuracy for direct-use parts and assemblies
  • Easy and intuitive set-up and change-over for different parts
  • Impressive surface finishes that require no post-printing finishing

You can choose the model of 3D desktop printer that meets your needs and expectations. Simply check out the features and specifications of our various MarkForged 3D models or contact us for more information. We can answer any questions you have and provide you with a free quote.

First 3D Printer Experience?

Many of our customers come to us curious about 3D printing. They wonder how it works and how it can benefit their business. Desktop 3D printing:

  • Saves you the high cost of traditional prototype tooling and equipment
  • Allows you to frequently modify your part drawings and print a new 3D part
  • Lets you print a series of identical parts of change over to different parts as often as you like
  • Requires little space and can be located in an office, lab or prototype facility
  • Permits you to keep your prototyping in-house where you can control timing and costs

Contact Us to Learn More About 3D Printing

If you’re not ready to jump into production 3D printing, a MarkForged 3D Desktop Printer can be a great first experience in 3D printing. You’ll appreciate the flexibility and performance of MarkForged’s advanced desktop models and benefit from our renowned service. At Duncan-Parnell, we provide support when you’re choosing your 3D printer and continue to give you training, technical advice and troubleshooting advice for as long as you have your printer. Contact us today for a quote and join the 3D Desktop printing revolution!