3D Scanning Services

As of July 12, 2021 our Additive Manufacturing Solutions division has been acquired by TPM. Due to this recent announcement please visit TPM to learn more about additive solutions.

Our 3D scanning services are a great option for any business that doesn't have the budget or full-time needs to justify purchasing their own scanner. Our team can scan an object and provide you with a complete CAD file for it. If you need your part 3D printed as well, our services work together perfectly to digitize your object and create a 3D print of it.

Our team will scan and create a digital file for whatever part or object you need. Use our scanning services to:

  • Capture CAD data on a part
  • Scan and prep a part for 3D printing
  • Compare a completed part to its specs

If you have a part you want to replicate, digitize, print or edit, 3D scanning is your answer. Our team is able to provide scanning services to scan anything from small complex objects to items as big as cars.