BIM 360 Design

BIM 360 Design allows distributed project teams to collaborate on shared Revit models. It helps project teams reduce errors & omissions and enables faster project delivery.


BIM 360 Design is a cloud worksharing, design collaboration, and data management product for project delivery, built on the new BIM 360 cloud platform. Made for distributed, multidisciplinary teams, you can co-author Revit models with greater file- and folder-based access controls, issue management, deliverable coordination, change visualization, and unlimited storage.


•Transparency to design intent mitigates issues downstream
•Anytime, anywhere, accessibility for entire project team
•Single source of truth ensures project team is up to date with model version


•Single repository of data regardless of design tool that understands AEC data
•Design and collaborate within a single software environment
•Reduction in number of siloed collaboration tools that are not focused on design data


•Cloud accessibility to the design environment democratizes the talent pool
•Improved design productivity and efficiency through tighter team collaboration