3D Print Solutions

Mechanical engineers, industrial designers and other professionals throughout NC, SC, GA, VA and the D.C. area turn to Duncan-Parnell for all their 3D printing needs. We’ve partnered with 3D Systems and MarkForged to offer one of the widest portfolios of high-quality 3D printing equipment in the industry. We also offer 3D printing prototyping and other value-added services to help you maximize your return on investment.

Our 3D Printing Equipment Selection

Our lineup of superior 3D printing equipment includes:

  • Professional Grade 3D Printers – Our professional grade 3D printing equipment can produce fully functional parts for testing or various end-use applications. Examples include jewelry, wax patterns for foundry casting and medical hearing aids to name a few.
  • Production Grade 3D Printers – We offer scalable, high throughput 3D printing equipment that’s ideally suited for multiple industrial applications. Our production grade 3D printers provide a fast, efficient way to create concept models, precision and functional prototypes, tooling, real end-use parts and much more.
  • Desktop 3D Printers – You will also find an assortment of desktop 3D printers for applications such as tooling and fixtures, end-use parts and prototyping.
  • Scanners & Software – We also feature a selection of 3D scanners and software that enable you to integrate CAD into your engineering workflow.

Our 3D Printing Prototyping Services

Our 3D printing prototyping services can help you generate everything from custom-manufactured rapid prototypes to low-production metal and plastic parts. Our prototyping services also enable you to communicate unique design concepts that reach far beyond basic engineering drawings or screenshots. You’ll be able to detect and correct potential design flaws in the early stages and create salable design concepts that will make a favorable impression on customers and stakeholders.

Additional 3D Printing Services

We back our 3D printing equipment and prototyping with a host of support services. We offer comprehensive telephone technical support so you can get answers to your questions and resolve technical issues as quickly as possible. We also have a team of factory-certified technicians who can perform troubleshooting, maintenance and repair service to keep your 3D printing equipment in peak operating condition.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our 3D Print Solutions

Learn more about the many benefits our industry-best 3D printing equipment and support services can provide for your NC, SC, GA, VA or D.C. company. Contact Duncan-Parnell for information and a free quote today. See why successful projects start here.